#TGIF Gratitude: Thank You, Clear Skies 6

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things that seem to be going wrong in our lives. That’s why it’s so important to stop every now and then and think about what we’re grateful. And what better day for gratitude than Friday?

Dear Clear Skies, 

Thank you.

There’s something psychologically traumatic about falling behind schedule – and even worse, behind deadlines – on an audiobook production schedule. You – you help things move smoothly.

I used to love thunderstorms. The wind, the lightning, the thunder, the rushing water. It’s a force of nature full of power and wonder and glory.

That was before I started narrating for living.

As great as my booth may be, with its ability to block out the neighbor’s dogs and lawnmower, it is still no match to even a moderate rain.

But you, clear skies, you keep things running smoothly. Sure, you tempt me to leave my dark and padded closet to lay out beneath your expanse, sipping a cocktail while lounging in my hammock with an audiobook playing…oh…soo tempting. But no. You are a gift to my productivity. And to appreciate it fully, I must remain far from your glorious light and hidden in my windowless 18 square feet of workspace.

But I will come out to visit. If only to say…

Thank you.


Derrick McClain

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6 thoughts on “#TGIF Gratitude: Thank You, Clear Skies

  • Steve Leonard

    I’m grateful that the popularity of audiobooks is on the rise and that we’re treated to such talented narrators like Derrick.

  • Ann

    I’m grateful for books, audiobooks, ebooks – written words that take me to another time, another place, and a happy ending.

  • Heather Leonard

    I’m grateful for this wonderful community of MM authors and narrators, who not only transport me away with their words and voices, but bring a daily smile to my face with a funny or meaningful post.

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