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The narrator did a great job telling this story. He made it a very easy listen and really brought the characters to life. If I could, I would have listened to this in one sitting. I usually listen to audio books to/from work but this one was on play for most of my work day!
Review by Anthony on Audible

Derrick McClain has a smooth and rich voice that is easy on the ears. I will definitely listen to him again.
Review by Pizzygirl,

Charming, funny and sexy! The narrator, Derrick McClain, was absolutely fantastic. I hope to hear more of him.
Review by Enid, Goodreads

This is a MUCH lighter tale, and the narrator makes it that much more fun. His characterizations – particularly of the quirky and clueless Jack – are spot on and definitely enliven the story. I really loved the secondary characters too – especially Hayley and Jack’s assistant, Claire. I would definitely listen to another audiobook with this narrator. Definitely recommended for a delightful couple of hours fun.
Review by Lisa,

Derrick McClain did a really nice job with the narration. He tries to differentiate the voices and I really liked his version of Thayne’s voice. Overall he added to the enjoyment of this book and I’d recommend listening!
Review by Morgan A Skye on Audible

Narrator Derrick McClain did a great job with the voices and with conveying the emotions of each scene.
Review by Barb,

The major redeeming thing about this book is the narrator; he does a wonderful job. He kept me engaged and really brought the characters to life. 1000% better than the narrator from [title omitted].
Review by Riva on Audible